Temporal IR

Temporal Information Retrieval is an emerging research area in the field of Information Retrieval. It is a fact of modern life that an enormous volume of information is created, exchanged, and stored electronically on the Web. Much of the content of stored resources is strongly time-dependent. Hence, an electronic resource can be identifying not only by his content but also by some temporal features, like creation or update date. These temporal features can be used to increase precision of search in an information retrieval system. In fact, classical IR techniques based on topic similarity alone are not sufficient for the search in temporal document collections. To overcome this limit, temporal dimension available in electronic resources (like documents) should be incorporated with document ranking for efficient retrieval. Our objective in this sub-topic is twofold: (i) identifying the temporal characteristics of documents; (ii) incorporating these characteristics into information retrieval techniques in order to improve the retrieval effectiveness of an information retrieval system.

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