High Performance Computing (HPC)

High Performance Computing (HPC) represents any computational activity requiring more than a single computer to execute a given task. As example, we can cite supercomputers and clusters that are used to solve advanced and complex computation problems. HPC has also the capacity to handle and analyze massive amounts of data at high speed. In our research, we used HPC to explore three major issues (see sub-topics): HPC for large and distributed data applications, HPC programming, Fault tolerance and HPC.

Information Retrieval (IR)

Information retrieval (IR) is considered as the science of searching for relevant information including documents, images, video and other forms of media across databases, unstructured data and the World Wide Web. Nowadays information retrieval is widely known and used in the context of online web search engines. But Information has also many other fields of application domains, like biomedicine, social network, social science, genomic, geographic, etc. In this topic, we focus our research on: Contextual IR, Social IR, Temporal IR, Arabic IR and Testbeds for IR systems.

Cloud Computing (CC)

Cloud Computing is a new computing paradigm that support some user properties or requirement: it supports delivery of computing services on minimal charges without installing them at local sites. It is considered as an agregation of many existing technologies like parallel and distributed computing, ServiceOriented-Architecture, virtualization, networking, etc.
In Cloud computing, services are delivered over internet in an on-demand elastic way for which the charges are paid at release time of resources. Cloud Computing has attracted researchers as an alternative to supercomputers for high performance computing. It enables access to leased computing power and storage capacity.
In this topic, we try to revisit some problems and challenges of parallel and distributed systems in the context of Cloud Computing. These problems are subdivised into 3 sub-topics: Fault Tolerance, Programming Models and Performance Evaluation (see description of these sub-topics).

Knowledge Discovery (KD)

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