Indexing Video by the Content

TitleIndexing Video by the Content
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Conference2016
AuthorsBelarbi, M-A, Mahmoudi, S, Belalem, G
Conference NameThird International Conference on Information System Design and Intelligent Applications
Conference LocationVishakapatnam, India
ISBN 978-81-322-2750-2
KeywordsImage processing, Indexing, Indexing image by content, Indexing videos by content, Similarity measure, Video segmentation

Indexing video by content represents an important research area that one can find in the field of intelligent search of videos. Visual characteristics such as color are one of the most relevant components used to achieve this task. We are proposing in this paper the basics of indexing by content, the various symbolic features and our approach. Our project is composed of a system based on two phases: an indexing process, which can take long time, and a search engine, which is done in real time because features are already extracted at the indexing phase.