Welcome to the JARIR research group at Manouba University (Tunisia). The group, led by Prof. Yahya SLIMANI, conducts fundamental and cutting edge research in the areas of Knowledge Discovery, Data Science and Large-Scale Systems. 

JARIR research group conducts research in many areas of knowledge engineering. The group has active interests in a wide variety of research topics, including data mining, text, graph and web mining, sequence mining, social network analysis, information retrieval, social search, recommender systems, natural language processing, high performance data mining, distributed computing (MPI, Map Reduce/Hadoop, Cloud) and scalable and distributed data mining.

JARIR research group members have been publishing papers in leading conferences and journals, participating in program committees, and organizing conferences and  thematic schools.

As practical aspect, the group aims to build open and reusable data sets to help develop and validate approaches, methods and algorithms of knowledge discovery and data analysis.